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Do it Yourself (DIY) Braces – BEWARE!

by masri on January 18, 2016

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It may sound like a good way to save money, but experts warn at-home orthodontics is a risky business, one that could cost much more in the long run.

“Nowadays it seems like people believe that they can do everything themselves, but while it’s cool to do some things on your own, when it comes to the health of your teeth and gums, the do-it-yourself approach can leave you with very little to smile about”!  The American Association of Orthodontics is so concerned about this new trend, they have issued a PSA video announcing the dangers that come with attempting to straighten your own teeth from home.  Teens wrap elastic bands around their teeth to close an unwanted gap, this could cause irreversible damage and may require surgery to even try to repair.  “The biggest risk is causing bone loss around the teeth”.

There are many ways, very simple things sometimes that an Orthodontist can do to close a space without the entire expense of braces.  Beware of DIY Orthodontics!

Do it Yourself (DIY) Braces

“Total bone loss around the anterior teeth as a result of placing rubber bands around front teeth,patient tried to close gap on his own”DIY do it your self orthodontics)

Contact us today to schedule your Free consultation with Dr.Masri. Fill out our contact form, or call us at 734-261-8860 to get started.

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Straighten Your Teeth In Six Months

by masri on February 28, 2015

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What would you do if we told you that you can have perfectly straight teeth in just 6 months? Would you doubt us? Well, at Masri Orthodontics, we actually offer you assurance of the perfect smile within 6 months. If you still don’t believe us, come to us for a complimentary consultation today. We will evaluate your needs and give you a customized smile evaluation. We will help you decide on the right treatment method to achieve your goal of the perfect smile within your deadline of 6 months.

A Straight Smile In 6 Months Using MTM Braces

MTM® invisible braces

Corrective orthodontic treatments use very high technology, as is evident with the MTM® invisible braces. Minor Tooth Movement (MTM) aligns both your upper and lower teeth with the least possible movement. This is done by self ligated lingual braces . The fact that you’re wearing braces will be known only to you. Your smile will improve day by day, and the process will be virtually undetectable.

MTM straight braces are small ,titanium, and ,most importantly invisible, in the sense, both the brackets and the wire are placed behind your teeth.

Your Other Superb Alternative, Incognito Lite

Incognito Lite Hiffen Braces

If your special day is fast approaching – wedding, graduation day – and you want to be ready with a brand new smile by then. You don’t want to begin your new life with a crooked smile. Still, while undergoing treatment, you have to meet people and run around busily. You don’t want people to know you’ve got braces in your mouth. What’s the ideal answer to your problem? Incognito™ Hidden Braces.

These braces are 100% customizable for you, and stay hidden behind your teeth. You can smile confidently through every moment, even while your teeth are being straightened invisibly. You don’t need to worry about taking them off to brush your teeth or to eat. They remain in place, allowing you to get on with your life.

Call our office to find out if the above breakthrough technology is the right solution for your concern

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Invisalign Planning For Your Wedding Day

by masri on February 28, 2015

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Your perfect day – the day when you will be the one in the white dress. Or, if you’re the groom, in a fine silk suit. You will be on display the whole day, and so will your smile. Are you confident enough of your smile to let be the center of everyone’s attention on this special day? If you’re not confident of your smile, call us today at Masri Orthodontics and we’ll arrange for a free consultation. We will ensure that you get the straight, confident smile that you deserve to accompany you on your amazing journey.

Invisalign wedding braces

Adopt Invisalign® Today!

The Invisalign Clear Braces system consists of a set of removable, clear plastic braces. Only you’ll know you’re wearing them; no one else will. That’s because they’re made of clear plastic, and are not readily visible to the naked eye. So you can keep smiling through all the events leading up to your wedding. Let’s see – there’s the engagement party, and then the rehearsal dinner, and the groom’s dinner – so many events! Only Invisalign can help you get ready for all these events. With any other system you will feel your mouth is full of foreign objects, and you won’t be comfortable.

It Gets Even Better Than That!

What’s best about Invisalign is that you can take them off when you need to pose for pictures, eat, floss or brush your teeth. Yes! You don’t need to visit your orthodontist to remove them in order to appear for a special event. You can take them off and put them in by yourself. Doesn’t this give you total empowerment over your own treatment? Indeed it does.

Every two to three weeks, your orthodontist will check your progress and custom-create new aligners for you. This is good news, because it means your teeth are progressing very nicely towards the desired end result. Since your braces are custom-designed for you, your final straight smile will be ready sooner than you realize. You’ll soon be ready for your wedding close-ups!

Invisalign takes away the bother, the discomfort and the hassle of traditional brace systems. Opt for Invisalign today, and call us at Masri Orthodontics for a free appointment. Let us help you make your dream wedding come true.

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Orthodontists are using laser scanners to automatically scan oral configurations to ensure that bite models fit perfectly each time. It is possible to take perfect dental impressions with a laser scanner, eliminating the need for repeat impressions. The days of plaster models and filling mouths with goop are long over. The days of laser orthodontics are here. Read on.

Laser Digital Scanner

The Scope Of Laser Dental Scanners

Laser dental scanners are used extensively in dental and orthodontic care. Laser digital scans present an accurate, error-free image of existing dental conditions. This allows orthodontists to create devices and appliances that fit perfectly, and thereby reduce treatment time. Laser dental scanners also help reduce patient discomfort, since a single digital scan is sufficient. Patients no longer have to undergo repeated physical dental impressions, their mouths filled with goop.

The following is a list of the areas in dentistry where laser scanners are being extensively used:

General Dentistry

Laser scanners are being increasingly used in general dentistry, to restore teeth and bridges and to build crowns.

Dental Surgery

Dental surgical procedures such as tooth and jaw implants, bone reconstruction, partial or complete dentures benefit greatly from laser scanners. Laser scanners provide accurate digital scans of procedural areas, enabling dental surgeons to ensure perfect results, each time.


Laser scanners help orthodontists to develop the right kind of appliances for each case. Orthodontists use the scans to build aligners that fit perfectly and reduce treatment time. Plaster impressions don’t last very long. Sometimes they don’t turn out well and have to be redone. Plus, storing hundreds of these impressions is not a practical task. Laser scans not only make plaster impressions obsolete, they also show just how inaccurate plaster impressions can be.

Oral Healthcare

Laser dental scanners are used to develop better oral healthcare products. Manufacturers of toothbrushes, flossing devices and so on obtain varying oral dimensions in accurate terms through laser scans. The oral healthcare industry spends millions of dollars to develop new products. Products that are designed to fit different oral configurations perfectly are a godsend. This is now possible because of laser scanners.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Using laser scans, dentists can now create perfect-fit grills, caps and dental cosmetic appliances. Cosmetic dentistry is a multi-million dollar business. Being able to create accurate dental devices to beautify peoples’ smiles gives a great boost to this industry.

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It’s True – Orthodontics Have Gone 3-D!


iTero Digital Scan

Do you want the most perfect smile money can buy? Then it’s time you went 3-D as well! The great news for orthodontics and dental patients the world over is the new iOC scanner system from iTero. This powerful scanner provides an accurate digital scan of your teeth in minutes. Every tiny contour and gap is faithfully scanned, enabling your orthodontist to create a beautiful, perfect, custom smile for you. Don’t you want to know more?

What Exactly Is iTero And How Does It Work?

Itero digital scanner

The iTero scanner totally eliminates the discomfort you would face from a traditional impression method. In just a few minutes, your orthodontist will have a wonderful digital scan of your dental contours, totally goop-free and accurate. No more gagging, no more tolerating bah-tasting goop in your mouth.

In just minutes, you’re done, and on your way to your brand new smile. Oh, and did we tell you about the other important benefit that the iTero digital scanner brings you? Well here it is then. The iTero scanner ensures that you will not be exposed to any radiation while your teeth are being scanned. iTero uses only visible light, so you’re safe.

iTero And Invisalign

The iTero digital scanner, when combined with Invisalign, brings many benefits, both to patients and orthodontists. The scanner allows for 50 times faster clinical setups, vastly reduced rejections, much better patient experience and much more. Studies show that when using the iTero digital scanner, orthodontists don’t need to recall patients to retake dental impressions. A single scan seems quite sufficient. All in all, it adds up to a perfect coming together of technologies.

Now You Can See How Your Future Smile Will Look!

The iTero scanner powers the Invisalign Outcome Simulator, which helps patients and orthodontists to visualize treatment outcomes. As a patient, it’ll be wonderful for you to look at a clear simulation of your Invisalign treatment. For your orthodontist, the scan clears confusions and lays out a clear treatment map. Isn’t that marvelous? Knowing how your smile will turn out will give you a much-needed boost of confidence and you’ll be a model patient. A contented, happy patient is a pleasure to work with as we’re sure your orthodontist will agree. It’s a win-win both ways, don’t you think?

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