How Do Damon or Self Ligating Braces Work And What’s The Cost?


For a long time, both dentists and patients considered braces to be a necessary evil. They had to be tolerated, in the hopes of a great end result. Not anymore. The Damon System or self ligation braces  was developed as an alternative to traditional ‘train tracks’ braces. Here’s everything you want to know about it. Read More

Damon Self Ligating Braces Vs Traditional Braces


When you’re considering the perfect orthodontic braces for your teeth, consider using the Damon System’s Self-ligating Braces instead of traditional braces. There are a number of distinct advantages to the Damon System or self ligation braces  that traditional braces don’t offer, as outlined below. Greater Comfort The Damon System or self ligation braces do not Read More

How Much Does Invisalign Treatment Cost?


The cost of Invisalign clear braces will depend on the specifics of your individual needs. Several factors are involved in the computing of these costs – factors such as case complexity, treatment duration, location, your orthodontic insurance coverage and so on. Average Costs In the United States, a patient will be required to pay anywhere Read More

Invisalign For Teens And Adults


Invisalign treatments differ for adults and teens. In adults, the jawline is fully grown, and the teeth have achieved their maximum size. Teens are still developing, and have very specific needs in terms of orthodontic treatment, which are taken care of by Invisalign’s makers. Advantages Of Teen Invisalign Treatments Teen Invisalign treatments create space for Read More

How Long Does Invisalign Take


Invisalign Treatment Time and Process Your Invisalign treatment depends on the specifics of your dental needs. Depending on your case, your treatment could take just a few weeks, or even up to a year (especially if you’re an adult). The duration can vary for teen patients. The process involves several steps, as detailed below. Getting Read More

Invisalign Vs Braces – Cost and Effectiveness


You can get that perfect smile you seek using a regular brace or an Invisalign brace, but not, however, at the same level of comfort, duration or cost. We present you with a comparison of Invisalign versus regular braces, so you can make your own evaluation. Comfort And Convenience Regular Braces: These come with their Read More

Invisalign Vs Incognito Braces


Invisalign braces help patients realign their teeth discreetly. They are an excellent alternative to metal braces, but Invisalign wins by a large margin. The real completion is from Incognito braces, which are much preferred these days. How do these two compare, and which should you chose? Treatment Method Incognito Lingual Braces These braces are fitted Read More

Can You be Too Old for Braces or Invisalign?


People of all ages want to have a smile they can be proud of. Crooked teeth are not only embarrassing, but they can also cause problems in chewing, cleaning, and contribute to gum disease. Traditional braces have been used for decades to treat crooked teeth in children and adults. A new dental appliance, Invisalign, has Read More

How do Braces Straighten Crooked Teeth


Braces are an effective dental appliance used by orthodontists (dentist who specialize in straightening teeth) for treatment of crooked teeth. Many people have crooked teeth and the severity can vary from a misaligned bite, to very twisted teeth. Crooked teeth can cause problems such as problems chewing, a greater risk of dental disease such as Read More

What are Self-Ligating Braces?


Braces have been used for many years to help straighten crooked teeth in children and adults. In recent years there have been improvements and advancement in braces which make them more accessible and comfortable for all ages or patients. Traditional braces use brackets, archwires, and bands to apply steady pressure to the teeth in an Read More