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Where your initial exam, payment plan, and health history can occur from the comfort of your home (Click here for details). We understand that people are busy, and we excel at fitting treatment into your budget and life. Can you say CONVENIENCE and AFFORDABILITY? That's what we are all about!

Whether you are concerned with crowded or crooked teeth, tooth spacing, or maybe your overbite or underbite, Masri Orthodontics will create a custom treatment for your specific needs. At Masri Orthodontics we provide the most advanced and comprehensive orthodontic dental care available in the Metro Detroit area. Dr. Masri offers his patients the finest materials and options available in orthodontics today, allowing for faster, more comfortable treatment.

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Dr. Masri Is a Certified Invisalign Provider and the Most Trusted Orthodontist in Livonia, Michigan and Detroit Area!

Dr. Masri is the first in Michigan who adopted the incognito braces combined with Wilckodontics or the Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics procedure, a unique combination to address the ever growing demand of our adult population for fast and invisible option to teeth straightening.


Ask Dr. Masri

Hi Dr. Masri, I heard much about Invisalign and custom lingual braces on TV and on-line. Can you please explain about this take on, what it precisely is? It looks to be abundant questionable… Thanks, John.

Thanks, John, for such a remarkable question that's grabbing the attention of many. Invisalign treatment is a nice solution for crowded or crooked teeth, tooth spacing, and for your overbite or underbite teeth. This treatment replaces the previous treatment, that is being practiced to level the tooth problems.…

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Hey Orthodontic specialist. You are referred among the top 1% Invisalign provider that provides such a service. Can you please explain what this actually is and why it matters much? Mellisa B.

Hi Mellisa, sure it would be a pleasure to explain to you about Invisalign. As other companies give a rating to their top-rated provider's same way the Invisalign companies to rate their providers based on the reviews given by consumers. The clients choose the doctor that they feel…

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Hi Dr. Masri, I would like to ask a question whether you are using headgear moreover expander, and that needs to crank every night, as I used to do in my childhood? Is there any advancement in braces or its same as they were 30 years ago? … Thanks, Robin.

Thanks, robin for approaching us. Yes, you may see great advancement within the dental orthodontics in the last ten to thirty years. There's an enormous change in material and techniques that we are presently being used. The metal and ceramic braces that are getting used for medical practice…

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Hello Dr. Masri, my daughter is 12 years old, will Invisalign be a good treatment for solving her tooth problem? Thank, Liza.

Liza thanks for the question. The answer to your question is definitely “Yes.'' Like other dental practices, Invisalign is also a common practice that we practice among kids. Some various reasons or benefits build this practice abundant common among the children, foremost is hygiene. Several kids face problems…

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Hello doctor, I would like to know what is new in your practice that makes you different from others in the town? Thanks, Joseph.

Hi Joseph, thanks for giving me the chance to elucidate. This is often one amongst the foremost technical question that we'd need to deal with virtually every day. It's not solely that we are top Invisalign service providers within the city, however, add to it we are foremost…

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Can you please let me know what is the correct age to bring my son for treatment? Thanks, Brian M.

Hii Brian, it's an excellent question whose answer needs to know by everyone. As an orthodontic specialist, we tend to welcome patients of every age group. If they're too little to go for Invisalign, we provide them services like panoramic x-ray, dental picture collage, and clinical examination. This…

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Our Valued Client’s Feedback

I've been going to masri since i was a young child, i am now 20 and my life wouldn't be the same if it wasn't for him. He transformed my mouth and it was the most amazing experince. The staff and masri become family. Dr masri is most definitely the best docotor, he is professional, kids and he truly cares

Savannah Scobie

In my opinion, Dr Masri and his team are the best in this field. My daughter's teeth are looking amazing and took less than the designated time they initially said she needed. Thank you for the amazing service.

Reem Ozeir

Overall a very Kind and Compassionate Staff!! Dr. Masri was thorough in his exam and answered all of my questions in a way that I understood He made my daughter feel at ease and she is looking forward to starting this process!

Jamie Gardella

Kylie really enjoyed her first trip to the orthodontist! She was very nervous and scared before getting into the office and they all made her feel very comfortable. She loved checking herself in and it took her two days to get her to take her t shirt off!

Christina Krug


by Masri Orthodontics

The AcceleDent™ orthodontic system involves the application of micro-pulses on teeth and their surrounding bone. These micro-pulses, or micro-vibrations, can be delivered by an orthodontist, or be self-delivered by the patient via an appliance called the AcceleDent™ Aura.

Clinical trial investigators report that there’s no risk of increased root resorption in patients who took this treatment. There’s also no risk in increased loss of posterior anchorage. The FDA has cleared the AcceleDent™ Aura as a Class II medical device


About Dr. Masri

Dr. Nawaf Masri completed his dental training at Case Western Reserve University School of Density in Cleveland, Ohio 1996 graduating in the top of his class while in dental school, Dr. Masri received numerous including the Protect and Gamble Award for outstanding clinical skills, was elected to the Dean's Medal for outstanding scholarship and leadership.

After graduation, Dr. Masri practiced general dentistry in Cleveland, Ohio for several years then returned to Case Western Reserve University and enrolled in the Graduate Orthodontic Department, Where He earned an orthodontic Certificate and earned a Master of Science degree in Orthodontics.

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