How to Care for Your Invisalign Aligners?

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If you have recently got braces or Invisalign in Livonia, you are surely excited to get your beautiful smile back! Invisalign is one of the most popular orthodontic treatments today that help with the misalignment of teeth and also improves your bite. Once you get these from a reliable orthodontist, you are bound to have a perfect set of teeth soon.

However, whether it is Invisalign or incognito hidden braces, as a patient you have a responsibility too. You must care for and maintain your aligners properly. You can make a significant transformation in your smile by simply taking good care of your Invisalign.

As a patient, the biggest mistake you can make is not caring for your aligners. After your orthodontic treatment for Invisalign in Northville or Livonia, you have to care for them yourself by following the given points:

Clean the Aligners Regularly

The most basic way to take care of your Invisalign is to clean the trays frequently. Many of you might think cleaning them twice or thrice a week would work, but no. Make it a habit to clean your aligners every morning and evening, when you brush your teeth. To clean the Invisalign, you can use a soft toothbrush. Apply little toothpaste on it and scrub both sides of the aligners gently.

Make sure you use neither cold nor hot water to wash them. Hot water can bend the aligners since they are made of thermoplastic, whereas cold water can contract the aligners. Instead, use room-temperature water to rinse your Invisalign aligners.

Always Remove them While Eating

Unlike your permanent braces in Livonia, with Invisalign, you get the option to remove them at will. Therefore, take the aligners out before eating and do that every time. If you don’t take them off, the food and drinks you consume can end up damaging or leaving a stain on your aligners.

The stuck food particles on your aligners can easily reach your teeth and gums leading to a high risk of bacteria and eventually plague. With time, the plaque hardens to become tartar which then needs professional attention. You can avoid all these problems by removing the aligners when eating.

Don’t Keep the Aligners Everywhere

This is perhaps the point to be the most careful for right from the day you get Invisalign in Livonia. Do not place the aligners at random places when you are not wearing them. Get a case for it and always drop it in them when you have to take them off for eating or anything else.

The reason you should use a case and nothing else like a towel are to prevent the aligners from getting in contact with the bacteria. A clean case used only for your Invisalign will ensure that they are safe to be worn again, besides it keeps them from getting damaged as well.

Avoid Abrasive Materials When Cleaning Them

Whenever you get Invisalign or even braces in Northville, you should ask your orthodontist about the maintenance procedure. And they will ensure that you don’t make basic mistakes like using abrasive materials to clean the Invisalign. As mentioned above, always use soft materials for the aligners.

Things like soap, mouthwash, or denture cleaners can harm the Invisalign and make it look dull. You might not realize it instantly but after you keep doing it regularly, soon they won’t be as invisible as they initially were and would be easily seen.


If you are about to get Invisalign in Livonia, don’t forget to consider these given aligner maintenance tips. But the first task is to get Invisalign from an experienced orthodontist. You can visit Masri Orthodontics for the same. They can help you with Invisalign, incognito hidden braces, and common braces in Livonia.

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