Laser Scanner – A Cutting Edge Technology In Orthodontics

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Orthodontists are using laser scanners to automatically scan oral configurations to ensure that bite models fit perfectly each time. It is possible to take perfect dental impressions with a laser scanner, eliminating the need for repeat impressions. The days of plaster models and filling mouths with goop are long over. The days of laser orthodontics are here. Read on.
Laser Digital Scanner

The Scope Of Laser Dental Scanners
Laser dental scanners are used extensively in dental and orthodontic care. Laser digital scans present an accurate, error-free image of existing dental conditions. This allows orthodontists to create devices and appliances that fit perfectly, and thereby reduce treatment time. Laser dental scanners also help reduce patient discomfort, since a single digital scan is sufficient. Patients no longer have to undergo repeated physical dental impressions, their mouths filled with goop.

The following is a list of the areas in dentistry where laser scanners are being extensively used:

General Dentistry
Laser scanners are being increasingly used in general dentistry, to restore teeth and bridges and to build crowns.

Dental Surgery
Dental surgical procedures such as tooth and jaw implants, bone reconstruction, partial or complete dentures benefit greatly from laser scanners. Laser scanners provide accurate digital scans of procedural areas, enabling dental surgeons to ensure perfect results, each time.


Laser scanners help orthodontists to develop the right kind of appliances for each case. Orthodontists use the scans to build aligners that fit perfectly and reduce treatment time. Plaster impressions don’t last very long. Sometimes they don’t turn out well and have to be redone. Plus, storing hundreds of these impressions is not a practical task. Laser scans not only make plaster impressions obsolete, they also show just how inaccurate plaster impressions can be.

Oral Healthcare
Laser dental scanners are used to develop better oral healthcare products. Manufacturers of toothbrushes, flossing devices and so on obtain varying oral dimensions in accurate terms through laser scans. The oral healthcare industry spends millions of dollars to develop new products. Products that are designed to fit different oral configurations perfectly are a godsend. This is now possible because of laser scanners./

Cosmetic Dentistry
Using laser scans, dentists can now create perfect-fit grills, caps and dental cosmetic appliances. Cosmetic dentistry is a multi-million dollar business. Being able to create accurate dental devices to beautify peoples’ smiles gives a great boost to this industry.

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