Plaque Facts

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When braces are placed, teeth accumulate more plaque and bacteria since the brackets on the teeth hide it and make it harder to brush. Also, plaque is clear which makes it that much harder to see.Sugar always causes tooth decay and acid will erode enamel on the teeth.

Plaque HD toothpaste helps identify the buildup of plaque and also assists patients with the removal.

This new innovation in toothpaste has proven results which make orthodontists as well as patients smile.

Targetol has a discoloring agent (teal color) which will accumulate and identify plaque on the teeth; specifically along the gum line. If no teal color is visible; then rest assured that you are doing a good job brushing! But keep using Plaque HD to keep your smile clean and fresh!

Dr. Masri highly recommends this toothpaste and we always have some in the office to purchase.plaque-facts

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