Understanding the Reasons You Might Need Braces Now

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Oral health is as important as your overall well-being. The sooner one realizes it, the better. Over the years, many advancements took place in dentistry including the rise of invisible braces. However, even after dental procedures getting more convenient, people tend to ignore its importance until it becomes an emergency.

Orthodontic problems, if not addressed on time can lead to several major issues. And the best way to avoid it is to visit your orthodontist in Novi at the first sign of concern. The most common orthodontic conditions are treated with braces. So it is easier for a person to figure out when he/she might be needing braces.

There are some subtle and some prominent signs that suggest that you require braces. By being aware of these, you can reach out to Plymouth orthodontics service provider on time. Find out some of these reasons below:

Teeth Crowding

The most popular reason many people need braces is the overcrowding of teeth. In simple words, when there is less space in your mouth for your teeth, it leads to teeth crowding. It is not a dental problem that you could just ignore. With time, overcrowding of teeth only gets worse and poses genuine health threats as well.

Teeth crowding when not treated soon can even make brushing and flossing a challenge. On the other hand, learning the standard braces cost and going for the treatment quickly will save you quite some pain, time, and even money.

Gaps Between your Teeth

You don’t need dentistry expertise to realize that your teeth have gaps between them. This usually happens when the upper and lower jaw is not fitting together. Other than that, there could be many reasons for the teeth gap. It is not only aesthetically unappealing but is also at high risk for being affected by plague or inflammation.

In case, you do know that you need orthodontic treatment but are worried about your looks, modern dentistry has a solution for that too. Get incognito hidden braces and you can carry out the procedure without anyone having a clue.

Regular Jaw Problems

If you are having constant headaches and jaw pain, it could be because of a misaligned bite. The uneven jaw fitting can cause tension in your mouth while sleeping or at anytime. This condition is known as temporomandibular joint disorder or TMJ. It occurs when the hinge mechanism between your upper and lower jaw doesn’t work.

The moment you start to feel unusual pain in your jaw out of the blue, book an appointment with your orthodontist in Novi. The stress caused on your jaw when one end closes before the other will lead to more pain. With time, it could get worse causing you extreme discomfort.

Overbite and Underbite

Overbite is the vertical and horizontal overlap of the front teeth. An underbite is when your lower teeth extend farther than the upper teeth. Both these conditions can be treated effectively with the help of braces. When not addressed in time, overtime can increase the risk of trauma to the front teeth and even cause a fracture.

Whereas with an underbite, you risk having an imbalanced facial appearance and difficulty in chewing too. With the help of self-ligating braces, you can prevent this from happening. Although make sure you reach out to an experienced and skilled orthodontic service.

Protruded Teeth

As a lay  person, you probably know that if your teeth stick out of your mouth, braces can help. They are used to slowly shift them and bring them into proper alignment. Having misaligned teeth is not only bad for your appearance but also for your self-esteem. Having teeth well-fitted and perfectly aligned will give you the confidence to speak up.

As mentioned above, you can get invisible braces so that you don’t feel uncomfortable or embarrassed during the treatment. The duration of the treatment will depend on the severity of the condition. You can talk to your orthodontist to get an estimate for the same.


If any of these signs given are familiar to you, don’t waste any more time. Visit a reliable orthodontist in Novi today. Masri Orthodontics is an experienced and skilled orthodontic service provider that can help you with braces.

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