Orthodontists today use pre-adjusted appliances that are derived from Caucasian norms.

When treating Asian patients with straight wire applications, the clinician must increase the torque values for both the upper and lower incisors and decrease the angulation values. This will enable the orthodontist to achieve an optimal inter incisal angle and functional occlusion for Asians.

The relationship between the nose, lips, and chin is one of the most important considerations in diagnosis and treatment planning. Moving the anterior teeth in any direction will affect the position of the lips and overall facial balance.


Evidence-Based Orthodontics

Dr. Raymond Sugiyama, creator of the Asian inspired bracket system SEBA, has researched the differences between various ethnic groups for the past ten years. His findings were based on scientific evidence which show statistically significant differences in the dental anatomy and cephalometric measurements between Caucasians and Asians.

  • Asian teeth are wider mesio-distally and have less angulation than Caucasian teeth.
  • The upper and lower incisors of Asian teeth are more proc lined, in relation to basal bone, than Caucasian teeth.
  • The interincisal angle is significantly less for Asians than Caucasians.

These evidence-based findings have led to the development of the SEBA prescription. Higher torque and lower angulation of the SEBA prescription keep the teeth in the middle of the basal bone during orthodontic movement, thereby lessening the chance for root resorption.

Improved Aesthetics and Stability

People of various ethnicity show differences in hair, skin and eye color, as well as in other physical and structural anatomy. The orthodontist must recognize and respect these differences by placing the teeth in their natural position related to basal bone and to each other. Dr. Masri offers his patients of all ethnicities the advantages of realizing their dental and facial aesthetics. Respecting the Asian teeth morphology and profile specification allows the clinician to achieve custom smiles and more stable results. Dr. Masri’s approach of smile customization will help you achieve the smile you deserve by recognizing Asian norms instead of treating Asian to Caucasian norms.

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Dr. Masri is a Diplomat of the American Board of Orthodontics which means he achieved the highest degree of certification in the field. Dr. Masri has a large referral base of the best dentists spanning from all over the Metro Detroit area because of his vast experience and knowledge. He continues to host education classes for other dentists and their staff educating them about the cutting edge technology in the field.