Can you please let me know what is the correct age to bring my son for treatment? Thanks, Brian M.

Hii Brian, it's an excellent question whose answer needs to know by everyone. As an orthodontic specialist, we tend to welcome patients of every age group. If they're too little to go for Invisalign, we provide them services like panoramic x-ray, dental picture collage, and clinical examination. This can be done to judge the cause of the problem and to seek out whether or not treatment is needed in a later section. However, the correct answer to your question might be the precise age. The right age to bring your child for treatment is 7. Once your child’s initial teeth shed away, then we can have an exact look at how the jaw, bite and remaining teeth are growing.

If there seems to be any problem that leads to improper growth of teeth then, some conservative and interception treatment is being performed. The early diagnosis can be useful