Hello Dr. Masri, my daughter is 12 years old, will Invisalign be a good treatment for solving her tooth problem? Thank, Liza.

Liza thanks for the question. The answer to your question is definitely “Yes.'' Like other dental practices, Invisalign is also a common practice that we practice among kids. Some various reasons or benefits build this practice abundant common among the children, foremost is hygiene. Several kids face problems in keeping their braces properly to maintain the hygiene, the lack of maintains ends up in inflamed gums and even permanent staining of teeth. Whereas in the case of Invisalign, the whole receptacle is driven out simply and cleaning became abundant easier as compared to before.

The other reason that makes it popular is, no problem arises while eating. Taking a correct and healthy diet is the basic need that's essential for the expansion and development of every child. Braces create varied problems while the consumption of food, whereas no such issue arises while Invisalign treatment. This Invisalign tray could be removed easily while eating any stuff, therefore, it produces no issue. This won’t produce any drawback while using any instrument or while doing other activities. This too leads to fewer visits to clinics for broken braces or gesture wires.

Many parents face a lot of difficulties while making their youngsters ready for applying braces. However, you'll be shocked after you will notice that no such problems arise while bear Invisalign treatment. Not every dentist is well experienced to trot out youngsters. Kids and adults have completely different problems that require to mend differently and this may be differentiated only after having specific knowledge and skills. With God's grace, we are the prime 1% supplier of Invisalign and have the expertise to treat youngsters and adults. So, Liza, I hope I'm able to provide a precise answer to your question.