How Do Incognito Hidden Braces Work And What’s The Treatment Time

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Are you planning to get your teeth straightened discreetly? What you need is the incognito braces treatment. Incognito braces are designed and fixed to the back of your teeth, so that you and only you are aware of the fact that you’re wearing braces. Here’s everything you want to know about incognito.

How do they work?
Incognito Hidden Braces Work
After taking impressions of your teeth, a scan will be generated to study your present dental structure thoroughly, your orthodontist will come up with a treatment plan. Incognito braces involve the placement of strong gold braces behind your teeth, connected by wires. Your orthodontist will get the wires and the gold brackets made according to your individual prescription.

Each individual brace will be customized robotically engineered to help your misaligned teeth move into correct positions gradually.  The brackets and wires generate steady but gentle force, pushing each tooth by fractions into the position your orthodontist wants. State-of-the-art technology is used to make sure incognito braces are significantly finer and lighter when compared to other lingual braces on the market.

Very fine brackets and wires are used to make Incognito braces; as a result, they are thinner and lighter than other braces. Owing to this, incognito braces cause less friction between the tongue and the brace, causing less pain and discomfort to the patient.

Treatment Duration
Your individual teeth-straightening needs dictate the length of the treatment. If your case is fairly simple, your treatment duration might take about 12 to 15 months. As a general rule, Incognito braces will finish 30% faster than traditional braces due to the fact of customization. It is a direct distance to the target, versus traditional braces, where many detours will take its place. Be sure to ask your orthodontist exactly how long your treatment plan will take.

Treatment Stages
Stage 1: Your orthodontist will first evaluate your teeth and evaluate possible treatment options. Each patient has different needs, so that means each treatment plan has to be customized. Your orthodontist will give you an individual plan to fit your budget and the end result you want.

Stage 2: Your orthodontist will send silicon impressions or email a scan of your mouth to Incognito lab. A dental technician will generate a 3D model of your straightened teeth based on your orthodontist prescription and the individual brace parts are made using the scanned images.

Stage 3: The braces will be fit on to the lingual sides (back) of the teeth.  Your orthodontist will insert a device into your mouth to keep your tongue in place and your mouth dry. There will be no pain. Your brackets will be applied to your teeth by using a special adhesive, after which the device will be taken out of your mouth.

Adjusting To Your Braces
You might find it strange while moving your tongue and your speech may be mildly affected when the braces are fitted. However, these reactions should subside over a fortnight, when you get used to wearing the braces. Incognito braces are of flat design, which ensures that speech returns to normal more quickly, than with other kinds of braces.

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