Opt For The Brace Without A Trace And Smile Bright On Your Wedding Day

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You’re getting married, but your smile is less than perfect. You have so much to deal with and the thought of wearing very visible, very annoying braces is really killing you. Here’s the good news – you don’t have to suffer such an indignity anymore! Just opt for the MTM No-Trace System– want to know more?
MTM No Trace Braces system

Want A Straight Smile With Very Less Discomfort?
You are not alone in this. A recent survey questioned 1042 people who are in need of orthodontic treatment. 80% of the respondents were worried about personal comfort during orthodontic treatment.These people can now rest easy. MTM® No-Trace System offers a comfortable, painless treatment, so put your fears to rest.

The Behind-the-scenes-superhero
So what exactly is the MTM® No-Trace System? This system uses lingual braces that no one can see from the outside, but works like a superhero behind the scenes. That’s because they are mounted at the back of one’s teeth; only you can feel them. However, even you cannot see them, unless you were to view your open mouth at certain angles.
MTM No Trace Braces

However, unlike traditional braces, the MTM® No-Trace System brings you positive, optimal results within 12 to 24 weeks. You don’t need to wait for months and months before getting anywhere close to a straight smile anymore. Isn’t that good news? Now you can hurry and get your teeth set in order before your wedding, and make your fiancé one very happy person.

It’s The Ultimate Orthodontic Treatment
MTM No-Trace System before and after

Here are some other facts about MTM® No-Trace brackets that will delight you and your fiancé:

  • It offers the ultimate out-of-sight, out-of-mind experience – you can immerse yourself in wedding activities without worrying that anyone will see and remark on your braces.
  • The treatment period is very short – 24 weeks at its longest. This means if you get on with the system early in the game, your brand new smile will be ready much before your wedding day!
  • Patient upkeep is low as well. You’ll need to visit your orthodontist just a few times before your treatment is done. So go ahead and make your wedding-related appointments without worrying about constant orthodontic appointments!

What’s The Caveat?
Something this good simply must have a caveat, you say. Well, you have a point there, but it’s nothing to worry about. The MTM® No-Trace System is recommended for and is most effective to rectify minor straightening needs. If you do have serious malocclusions, you might have to opt for a longer, more effective treatment. Minor issues such as the following can be easily and quickly treated in time for your event:

  • Tooth crowding, which can affect speech and hygiene
  • Large spaces between the teeth that can prevent effective chewing
  • Misalignment between upper and lower teeth which causes an improper bite
  • Teeth that are rotated clockwise or counter-clockwise which make proper oral hygiene difficult
  • Teeth that are titled at an angle, either backward or forward, which can lead to an improper bite, crowing and tooth shifting.
  • Teeth that are not seated on the same line as the others, preventing a straight smile.  This can affect other teeth and also affect proper chewing.
  • Another thing – given that these brackets are placed behind your teeth, it can be tough to brush and floss your teeth. This can lead to tooth decay and gum disease, so you have to be extra watchful.

Opt for the MTM® No-Trace System today and go ahead and plan for your upcoming nuptials with confidence. Your smile will be ready in no time. Be sure to consult an experienced orthodontist so that all your dental needs are properly evaluated before any treatment is prescribed.

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