How SureSmile Orthodontic Treatment Works

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With SureSmile orthodontic technology, your orthodontist can design your braces treatment in a way that moves your teeth to their desired position more precisely than ever before. With the accuracy of a SureSmile treatment plan, you’ll be on your way to a beautiful, healthy smile while spending less time in braces compared to conventional orthodontic treatment.

Sure Smile Orthodontincs

The SureSmile 3 Step Process

Step 1: Advanced Imaging
SureSmile creates a 3-D computer model of your bite by using advanced imaging technology to scan your teeth. The 3-D image can be captured with the OraScanner® or Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT). The scan procedure is the beginning of your SureSmile treatment.

Step 2: Precise Customized planning
With the 3-D model, the doctor can now see your teeth from any angle and how they fit together. SureSmile Treatment Planning software provides virtual simulation tools that allow your doctor to determine the final position of your teeth and the most effective plan for your unique treatment needs.

Step 3: Robotic Precision

Sure Smile Masri Orthodontics

Once your treatment plan is determined, SureSmile directs a robot to bend a shape memory alloy arch wire according to your doctor’s prescription. This wire is designed to deliver gentle forces needed to move your teeth consistently and more directly to their desired finishing position.

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