Thumbsucking-Can it cause orthodontic problems?

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Does your child struggle to break the habit of thumbsucking?  How can you help?  And what could this oral habit do to developing teeth if not corrected?  Here’s what your orthodontist in Livonia has to say.

Thumbsucking is a common, soothing action that can be found in infants and toddlers, yet if it continues as a child matures, it can cause orthodontic problems and negatively influence jaw and tooth development, along with altering a child’s bite.  The longer the habit continues, the harder it may be to stop.  Thumbsucking has been known to cause the upper teeth to protrude putting them at greater risk of trauma and create an open bite and/or crossbite

Masri Orthodontics, orthodontist in Canton, offers a complimentary thumbsucking program for children that has helped hundreds of young kids beat this habit.  When damage is caught at a young age it can also be addressed with early orthodontic treatment.  If your child has difficulty stopping this habit but a desire to help themselves, a special orthodontic appliance can serve as a gentle reminder to keep their thumb or fingers out of their mouth.  

These actions can prevent potential future surgical orthodontics and tooth extractions in many cases, and provide a more stable result if addressed in childhood versus adulthood, where teeth are more difficult to move.

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