How Does Wilckodontics Speed Braces Work?

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A beautiful smile is an investment in your future. Everyone wants pretty straight teeth, and with Wilckodontics speed braces this is now possible with much less pain and time associated with traditional braces. This type of orthodontic treatment is also known as Osteogentic Orthodontics™ (AOO). Wilckodontics speed braces can give you straight teeth and a stunning smile in much less time than traditional orthodontics treatments.
speed braces

Treatment completed in 9 months

Wilckodontics Speed Braces Procedure
Your alveolar bone in your jaw holds your teeth in place. Since the 1950’s orthodontists have been using what is known as corticotomy procedures to enhance tooth movement. This procedure involved making a cut in the alveolar bone in order to move the teeth into place. In the 1990’s Dr. Wilcko developed a new procedure using CT scans along with a corticotomy. This produced greater tooth movement in a smaller amount of time. He patented the AOO procedure in 1995.

What makes AOO unique is that the alveolar bone is not just cut into, but some of the surface of the bone is removed. This prompts the bone to create a large amount of calcium in order to heal itself. This period of healing is known as osteopenia and lasts from 20 to 55 days. During the healing period the bone is softer, and the teeth can be moved quickly and easily using orthodontic braces. Once the bone repairs itselfit becomes even stronger than it was before holding the teeth firmly in place. Results from Wilckodontics speed braces are long lasting and just as stable as traditional braces.

Placement of Wilckodontics Speed Braces
Normally the braces are placed on your teeth before you undergo surgery. Your orthodontist will refer you to an oral surgeon for the corticotomy, and you will have to go back to your orthodontist for placement of the arch wires once the stitches are removed from the corticotomy. Recovery time from the surgery is about one week, and you will visit your orthodontist every two weeks for adjustments. This is opposed to the normal six weeks for traditional b races. Ceramic or metal braces may be used in the AOO procedure, and adults as well as adolescents in good health are viable candidates.

Why Choose Wilckodontics Speed Braces?
There are many good reasons to choose this type of braces.

  • Much shorter treatment time
  • Increased strength of alveolar bone resulting in a better facial profile and support for your teeth
  • Less discomfort from teeth movement since the jaw bone is softer
  • You can use your choice of braces, even Invisalign
  • Less chance of relapse

As with all surgery, AOO does carry some risk, so be sure to consult your medical doctor before you undergo the procedure. For most people AOO is a choice that offers them a quicker and less painful solution to crooked teeth. Wilckodontics speed braces are a great option if you want to have a beautiful smile you can be proud of in less time, and with less pain than traditional braces.

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